5 Signs Your Concrete Foundation Needs Repairs

A foundation provides stability for the structure built on it. Therefore, it is essential to identify when there are problems with the foundation, as these may lead to structural damage and compromise the integrity of the entire building. 

How do I know if my foundation needs repairs? Knowing how to spot these signs is critical as these problems can often be remedied when caught in time. 

5 Signs my concrete foundation needs repairs

1. Foundation cracks

When cracks appear on the surface of the foundation, it is never a good sign. These types of cracks often indicate that there is something wrong with the soil underneath the foundation and that it may not be as stable. Water weakens loose soil. 

The result, if left untreated, could be that your building sinks lower into the floor. In addition, if left untreated, these foundation cracks may extend to other parts of the structure, such as the walls and floors. If you notice cracks in your foundation, it’s best to attend to the problem immediately. 

You should be familiar with how to inspect concrete foundations to identify any problems so that you can address them immediately. 

2. Sagging floors

It’s quite unusual for the floor inside a building to be sagging. You may notice this in the middle of the floor or at the sides close to the wall. This is a certain sign that there is something wrong with the foundation of the building.

In addition to a sagging floor, you may also notice cracks in the floor and doors that jam often. When these combined signs appear inside your home, it may be time to call the professionals to assess the damage. 

3. Water damage

This sign will be more visible on the walls than on the floors. If you notice water stains, mold, or rotting on the walls in a building, chances are that water has seeped into the foundation and is wreaking havoc on the structure of the building. 

This is one of the more serious signs requiring you to immediately address the problem. 

4. Door/window frame separation

If you notice that your door frame or window frame is pulling away from the brick wall, you should act immediately, as this is a very serious sign of significant problems with your foundation. 

5. Cracks

Both internal and external walls may develop cracks. The key is to know which types of cracks are serious and which are harmless and can be fixed by a professional painter. 

Small, thin hairline cracks are often nothing to be concerned about. However, deep cracks more than an inch wide may be a problem. In addition, if the crack extends from the corner of a door or window frame upward, this may be a clear warning sign that all is not well with the foundation. Furthermore, cracks with a zigzag pattern may also be a problem. 

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