How To Properly Remove Pumpkin Stains From Your Concrete

We all love pumpkins and decorating our porches for fall. What we hate is when a pumpkin starts to break down on the porch, leaving an unsightly orange brown stain where the pumpkin once lived. There are ways to remove these stains, however, all you have to do is take a little time to find the method that works for you.

How Do You Remove Pumpkin Stains From Concrete?

If you have a pressure washer, now is the time to break it out as it will make short work of the stains and help you get a sparkling clean porch or driveway. Not all people have a pressure washer, but that does not mean you cannot remove stains. There are ways to remove stains without pressure washers. You will need an enzyme digester, plastic wrap, turpentine, gloves, masking tape, and steel wool.

First, get an enzyme digester or cleaner that is meant to remove organic matter or plant stains. Following the directions on the package, keep the enzyme cleaner wet as long as you can by covering it with the plastic wrap to keep it wet so that it can do its work. If the enzyme cleaner does not remove the stain on its own, the turpentine and steel wool can help remove that top layer of staining on your concrete.

What Removes Pumpkin Stain?

There are a ton of things that remove pumpkin stains, taking time to find out what you can use to properly remove and safely remove stains from concrete can make such a difference. If you are trying to remove stains from concrete, you need to ensure you are being careful and not damaging the concrete.

Being too rough or using a cleaner that is too harsh can scar and damage the concrete and make it more susceptible to stains in the future. One of the best methods for avoiding stains is to take the time to prevent them early. Place your pumpkins on a cardboard box or a piece of plastic to help protect your porch from potential staining. Make sure that you move your pumpkins before they start to decompose, if you can. This is going to make sure that there is no damage and no staining to begin with.

Using things like enzyme cleaners is a great way to remove the staining naturally and to avoid causing damage to your concrete and porch.