Maintenance Tips for Your Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is an excellent piece of landscaping architecture that provides homeowners with many great benefits. You can make better use of your property, enjoy greater privacy, and have a much better-looking property.

A retaining wall is environmentally friendly and can usually be configured to match your personal needs. Unfortunately, retaining walls are subject to erosion, invasive weeds, and general degradation.

Ignoring a retaining wall is a big mistake that makes it a virtual certainty that it will suffer major damage. Like many property owners, you might wonder: How do I maintain a retaining wall? The following gives you a closer look at how to do that.

Inspections, Pulling Weeds, and Clearing Debris

Proper retaining wall maintenance starts with a close visual inspection. You should look for any deformation, movement of retaining materials, and mud deposits.

Those are common ways in which erosion and subtle shifting of the land could affect and endanger your retaining wall. A quick visual inspection and simple maintenance done about once a month can help to prevent significant damage to your retaining wall.

While inspecting your retaining wall, you should clear any debris that accumulates along its length. You also should pull any weeds that might try to settle in and weaken the retaining wall.

Correct Shifting Components of a Retaining Wall

Sooner or later, your retaining wall is bound to have some of its building blocks shift and slip from its intended spot. Four seasons of weather and lake-effect snow from Lake Erie ensure plenty of freeze-and-thaw cycles that are certain to affect retaining walls.

Whether a retaining wall is made from stone, brick, or other landscaping materials, its building blocks are destined to move and shift. When they do, you should remove them, reshape the dirt and reapply the bonding agent before reinserting the final material. If you have cracked or broken pieces, you could replace them with new ones.

Why You Should Hire Landscaping Experts

The best answer to “How do you make a retaining wall last longer?” is to hire experienced and qualified landscapers to maintain and repair it as needed. They have the expertise, experience, and tools to do the job right. They can also replace damaged pieces with new ones.

If you have one or more retaining walls in need of maintenance or repairs, the experienced landscapers at Bric-Mic Construction in North Collins, NY, can help.

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