How Do Retaining Walls Help Stop Erosion?

Soil erosion can become a big problem for homeowners. If left unchecked, over time, soil erosion will start to endanger the integrity of your yard, driveway, and even the foundation of your home. Plumbing issues can also result from unchecked erosion as well. There are ways, however, that you can stop this from happening and better protect your property. Retaining walls are a great, simple way to interrupt soil erosion. Let’s learn more about this great option.

Retaining Wall Basics

A retaining wall is a type of landscaping technique you can use to beautify your property, stop erosion, and redirect flowing water.

Retaining walls are often built up along areas where the heights of the property start to change, such as a steep incline or uneven terracing.

Will A Retaining Wall Help Stop Erosion?

If you are concerned about erosion on your property, adding a retaining wall could help. Running water from rainfall or other water sources flowing down hills will carry away soil with it. When a retaining wall is added, it will change the incline of the area. A retaining wall can be built and filled in with soil to create a larger, flatter surface area.

Although this may not stop the flow of the water entirely, it will definitely slow the flow of the water, thus decreasing the amount of erosion the property experiences.

To increase the effectiveness of the retaining wall, drainage systems can also be added. These drainage systems will redirect the water in a more favorable direction to decrease erosion.

A drainage system can be further used to your advantage if you choose to redirect the water to another area of the property that needs the water, such as a garden or flower beds. This is a great way of altering the property in a way to preserve the land and increase its beauty and productiveness.

Further Benefits

Adding a retaining wall is an investment at first, but in the long run, you will decrease the amount of money you will spend on landscaping. Trying to keep up with a serious erosion problem is a losing battle. If you do not alter the property to deal with erosion, you will wind up spending far more money in the future.

Retaining walls can also be a beautiful addition to your landscaping. The materials used for the retaining wall can add to the style and aesthetic of your home.

Signs of Erosion

Erosion is often a slowly evolving process. Here are some signs that erosion could be a problem for you:

  • A lawn or garden that floods often
  • Property features that prevent you from certain landscaping or gardening goals
  • Water pooling near your house or foundation
  • Plants or other landscaping features that get regularly destroyed by water

These are just a few signs that erosion could be negatively affecting your property. Finding solutions now to your erosion issues could prevent bigger, more expensive problems in the future.

Building a retaining wall as a DIY project is not complicated, but if you need additional assistance or you have complicated landscaping needs, a professional can help.