Why a Concrete Patio Is the Way To Go

The building or rebuilding of a patio will require a lot of consideration. You want to choose a design and materials that will add to your home’s beauty, value, and durability. If you have been asking, "Why should I choose a concrete patio?", we are here to help you better understand the benefits.

Greater Style Options

Wooden patios and decks have always failed to offer much variety of style. Traditional decks are laid out very similar to each other and really do not leave much room for stylistic differences or individual creativity.

Concrete patios, however, offer a wide variety of style options. Stamping allows homeowners to emulate designs that resemble brick, stone, or tile. Geometric designs are also a stylistic option as well as solid color staining. These options allow homeowners to truly express their own tastes. This is just one of the benefits of having a concrete patio. 


If you are concerned with keeping your patio within budget, concrete is definitely the way to go. If you are looking for a basic concrete patio, the cost will run approximately $15 per square foot, while a wooden patio runs about $33 per square foot. These prices can vary depending on the style choices you make, though.

Longevity and Durability

Both concrete and wooden patios will need maintenance to prolong longevity and appearance. Both will need pressure washings to maintain their appearance, and both will need to be scrubbed and sanded before they can be resealed.

However, the savings on maintenance comes when you consider that sealant for concrete patios is far more affordable than for wooden patios. Sealant for concrete is less expensive, and sealing only needs to be done once every three years, whereas wooden patios need to be sealed once a year.

Concrete patios are also more durable when it comes to facing weather conditions. Wooden patios are no match for strong weather events such as tornados, hurricanes, or even some heavy winds. Concrete patios can withstand extremely harsh weather events without significant damage.

Final Considerations

If you do decide to go with a concrete patio, you should keep in mind that concrete is more sensitive to extreme cold temps. Winter weather can cause concrete to crack or chip. If water gets down into these cracks or chips and freezes, it could cause greater damage. These types of issues can be avoided by using sealants on a regular basis, about once every three years.

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