Renovation Trends You Can Expect to See in Home Design in 2022

Planning on taking on a big home remodeling or renovation project in 2022? You’re not alone. With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to affect life, people continue to spend more time in their homes than they did on average in the years before the pandemic started. This has inspired more people to invest in their homes so they can maximize the enjoyment they get out of their spaces.

Here are a few examples of some of the biggest home design and renovation trends we’re expecting for the coming year.

Home office upgrades

While many people have returned to work in their traditional office spaces, there remains a historically high number of people working primarily from home. This trend is expected to last long after the pandemic as part of the new normal that will arise from the COVID-19 era.

Therefore, people are putting more investment than ever into their home offices. Altering spaces for a home office might involve converting an unused bedroom or making the most out of an unused corner of the home. Some rooms might need to double as office spaces and other uses, meaning versatility is crucial in their redesign.

A greater focus on technology

Technological advancements and their proliferation have resulted in technology being integrated in more parts of the home than ever before. The Internet of Things continues to expand, and with it comes items such as smart refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers, microwaves, thermostats, garage door openers, lights, outlets and so much more.

People enjoy being able to control their home’s appliances and devices from apps on their phones and tablets, and that level of control is only increasing as time goes on and more technologies pop up and advance.

Bolder colors

For quite a few years now, the trend has been to go with neutrals or white in most spaces in a home, but we’re starting to see people embrace bolder color choices in areas throughout their homes. You might see these colors in appliances, accent walls, furnishings, artwork, rugs or other pieces that can help tie rooms together.

In addition, darker colors are starting to gain more popularity after years of white being the dominant color choice in interior and exterior renovation. Dark stains and dark paints alike are seeing a significant resurgence.

Green building—in more ways than one

Sustainability is a major focus in the world of architecture and construction at the moment, and homeowners and consumers are more eco-conscious than ever. Sustainable electrical features and plumbing fixtures as well as energy-efficient windows, appliances and roofing options are all among the most popular updates people are making to their homes.

We’re also seeing green renovations come with a greater reliance on plants in both indoor and outdoor spaces. More people are investing in professional landscaping, and more people are finding ways to bring living plants into their homes.

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