New Home Design Trends to Watch in 2022

An increasing number of homeowners are taking a greater role in the designs of their remodels. This has been a trend spurred on in part by the proliferation of HGTV remodeling shows, as well as the internet providing more access (via platforms like Pinterest or Instagram) to visual inspiration and education.

Trends are always coming and going in interior design; as such, it’s no surprise that there are some new ideas for 2022 designs that you should be aware of as you start to prepare for your own upcoming home remodel.

Here’s a quick look at a few examples of some of these home design trends:

  • More color in kitchens: For years, the trend with kitchen spaces was to use muted colors, neutrals and basic whites. These days, we’re seeing a lot more home designers open themselves up to the idea of using more color, as they’re getting tired of all-white kitchens and counters. Natural wood tones are starting to make a comeback, as are cabinets that have been painted with warm, bright colors. Kitchens are also starting to return to mixed materials, such as natural stone countertops and hardwood islands.
  • Patterned hardwood: Hardwood flooring never goes out of style, and lately we’re seeing an increasing number of homeowners choose patterned designs in their hardwood floor to increase visual interest in their spaces. This includes two-toned inlays and flooring that goes in different directions or patterns. These unique patterns might cover a whole room or just be used as an accent or interesting feature in one part of the room.
  • Curves in design: Recently, there has been a push for straight-line minimalism in design; however, we’re starting to see designers embrace curves in building elements. This includes arched openings, curvy furniture, curved alcoves, curved ceilings for porches and decks and curved walkways leading up to homes.
  • Black as an accent: Many homeowners have tended to stay away from black in their interior designs, but right now black is big as an accent color for window frames, entryway doors, appliances and seating options. Rarely is black used as a primary color in design—instead, it’s used as an accent to increase visual interest and provide some extra drama to design.
  • Metal roofs: There are more roofing material options available than ever before, and of these various options, metal might be the one seeing the biggest increase of use. Metal roofs are long-lasting and eco-friendly and also have become more stylish over the years as the technology has improved and there are more colors and patterns available. A good metal roof should last a homeowner for anywhere from 40 to 80 years. Many homeowners will never have to do roofing work again after installing one.

These are just a few examples of some of the home design trends that are certain to be influential in the industry in 2022. For more information and inspiration, reach out to the team at Bri-Mic Construction, Inc. with any questions you have.