Is It Time to Repair or Replace Your Concrete Driveway?

Concrete driveways can last a long time when properly maintained. In fact, some concrete driveways can last around three decades. That said, it’s important to realize when it’s time to repair or replace your concrete driveway. Putting off repairs, even small ones, could result in the need for much more expensive repairs down the line.

There are many reasons your concrete driveway might need repairs. Read on if you’re interested in learning more.

Signs it’s time to repair your driveway

Most concrete driveway issues are pretty easy to spot. For example, potholes and cracks are sure signs that your driveway needs repairs. Small cracks will only grow larger over time, and potholes can cause major damage to your vehicles. However, other signs may not be as obvious. Sometimes, pools of water can signal the need for a concrete surface repair. Frequent pools of water are often caused by depressions in a concrete surface. Other common signs of the need for concrete repair include crumbling edges and raveling.

Causes of concrete damage

It’s important to be aware of the common causes of concrete damage. One major cause of concrete damage is parking heavy vehicles on the surface for an extended period of time. It’s wise to consult a concrete expert and ask how much weight your driveway can support. If you have a heavier vehicle, consider finding a better place to park it.

Another cause of concrete damage is age. Concrete driveways degrade over time, which is why it’s important to replace them when necessary. In general, if you’re constantly paying for repairs, it might be time to replace your concrete driveway. However, it’s best to consult a residential concrete construction expert before making a final decision.

Extreme temperatures and weather can also cause major damage to your concrete driveway. Even prolonged exposure to too much sun could result in concrete damage. Tree roots and improper installation could cause issues as well.

Maintaining a concrete driveway

The best way to prevent constant damage to your concrete driveway is by providing it with proper maintenance. Concrete driveway maintenance is minimal, but can make all the difference. One important aspect of concrete maintenance that many people neglect is cleaning the surface. It’s especially important to remove oil and grease stains as soon as you notice them. If not removed quickly, stains from certain materials can be near impossible to clean. Most experts recommend pressure washing a concrete surface once every year or so.

Be sure to reapply sealer to your concrete surface when necessary. Concrete sealer helps protect your surface from cracks, stains and other types of damage. It’s good to reapply sealer every five years, though this can vary based on many factors, including how much you use your concrete surface.

If your concrete driveway needs repairs, it’s important to take care of them right away. This will prevent further damage and the need for even more expensive repairs. For all your residential construction needs, contact the experts at Bri-Mic Construction, Inc. today.