What Materials Can Be Used for Doghouse Foundations?

Because we all love our dogs, we want to build them their own space outside that allows them to come and go as they please. To build an outdoor doghouse may seem like a simple task, but because of all the associated variables, it can be anything but.

As with a normal home, you’re going to want to build a foundation for your dog’s house. There’s a multitude of ways to achieve this using different building materials and construction techniques. For the heavier methods, it wouldn’t hurt to work with a concrete company in Western NY. Here are some of the ways you can build a doghouse foundation.

Raised wooden base

If you’re making your doghouse out of wood, you could use additional wood to build a platform to serve as the foundation for your doghouse. There are a whole host of benefits to this type of foundation, including ease of construction, good insulation, cost effectiveness and reduction of exposure to ticks and fleas.


A gravel foundation is typically used in conjunction with the raised wooden base mentioned above. Gravel below a raised wooden base allows for excellent drainage without compromising the structural integrity of the doghouse. If you do elect to go this route, make sure to build a wide base for the doghouse in order to distribute its weight evenly and counteract any future sinking.

Patio stone

Another foundation technique involves pouring gravel as a base and putting patio stones over it. The ratio should be about four inches of gravel to two inches of patio stone. Since patio stones are pre-cut, it can be difficult to get them to sit correctly for long periods of time without shifting. A solid gravel base should be able to counteract that.

Cinder block

Using cinder blocks as a foundation is similar to the process of using patio stones. You’ll need a good gravel base to allow adequate drainage and to prevent the cinder blocks from shifting and sinking into the dirt. The height of the cinder blocks will also have to be accounted for, as standard cinder blocks are usually eight inches wide. Depending on the size of your dog and how deep you sink the cinder blocks, you’ll want to make sure the entrance is easily accessible for your pooch.


Though one of the more involved doghouse foundation techniques, concrete is arguably the best. It is the gold standard for fabricating permanent foundations, and for good reason. One positive is that the material itself is usually inexpensive, while the catch is that laying a concrete slab on top of a gravel base is an intricate, labor-intensive process. Because of this, it would be wise to hire a concrete or foundation company in Western NY to put in the concrete foundation for your doghouse.

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Now that you know about the different types of foundation you can use for your doghouse, you can make an informed decision on which route you’d like to go. If you do elect to go for the crème de la crème and install a concrete foundation for your doghouse, give Bri-Mic Construction, Inc. a call today. We’re among the preeminent concrete companies in Western NY, and we have what it takes to handle all of your concrete and foundation construction needs.