Can I Install Artificial Grass on Top of Concrete or Asphalt?

A new trend in home landscaping is the use of artificial grass. For many people, tending to an entire lawn of natural grass—having to cut, water and reseed it—can be cumbersome and time consuming.

The climate could play into it as well, as using artificial grass in Western NY would be one way to prevent your grass from turning brown and dying over the winter. But before you hire a concrete contractor in Western NY, it would be good to know if you can put artificial turf on concrete. This article will answer that question.

While installing artificial grass on concrete or asphalt is not without its drawbacks (namely when it comes to drainage), it does present several possible benefits for the homeowner.

Ease of installation

One benefit of putting artificial turf on concrete is that it’s a fairly straightforward process. While some additional steps may need to be taken, like filling potholes or smoothing over the base concrete layer, installing artificial turf on top of concrete is usually quicker and simpler than putting it directly on dirt or grass.

Cost effective

Because the installation process is easier and less time consuming, it’s likely going to cost much less than trying to implement artificial grass on top of dirt. You’ll also save money because you won’t have to mow, water or reseed the area where you’ve installed artificial turf.


Aesthetically, artificial grass looks exceptionally clean. From a distance, it appears to be a well-manicured lawn that has been cut to its desired length. Artificial grass in Western NY will also hold its deep green color for years instead of turning brown each time the weather turns cold or dry. A bonus is that artificial turf can prove to be a major aesthetic upgrade from concrete or asphalt.


Artificial grass feels much better and softer under foot than concrete. You can even have foam inserted between the grass and the concrete if you find that the artificial grass’s surface is too hard. There are a few different types of artificial grass made from various materials like nylon, polyethylene and polypropylene that provide distinct textures under foot to suit your needs.


If you have children and/or pets, installing artificial grass over concrete can provide them with a much safer surface to play on. If safety is one of your chief concerns, you can even double up on padding and infill material and have it installed between the concrete and the artificial grass.

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In short, the answer is yes: you can install artificial grass on top of asphalt or concrete, and doing so will net you a litany of benefits as discussed above. Whether you’d like to give your patio a new look, put a safer surface around your pool or even want to change the composition of your driveway, call us at Bri-Mic Construction, Inc. We’re the premier concrete contractors in Western NY, and we have the knowledge, expertise and work ethic to tackle any concrete project and provide you with results you’ll love.