Creative Concrete Ideas for Your Property

When you think of concrete, what comes to mind? Driveways? Building foundations? This material is a go-to source for concrete companies in Western NY that have been tasked with constructing solid structures. But did you know concrete is also a great solution for crafting, DIY projects and more? This material is an economical resource you can use to create thousands of items. Here are a few ideas:

  • Concrete stool: Why pay hundreds of dollars for a store-bought bar stool when you can make an entire set of your own with one bag of concrete? Pour concrete into a five-gallon bucket. Then, insert the stool legs, which you can make from a dowel rod. Once the concrete is dry, pull your sturdy stool out of the bucket and place it at the bar.
  • Concrete cake stand: This is a great way to use up a little extra concrete you have left over from other projects. Create a cake-pan-sized circle of concrete for the top. Use a disposable plastic cup to create the stem of the stand. You’ll end up with a very durable stand to display your homemade desserts.
  • Concrete coasters: Protect your furniture from drink rings with concrete coasters. Use small boxes of whatever size you prefer as the molds. After the squares have dried, you can paint the coaster to create any design you want. You can also insert items into the concrete before it dries, to add color and character to the coasters.
  • Concrete countertops: Tired of the outdated counters in your kitchen? You can create concrete countertops in no time. This material is an ideal durable solution for bathrooms and kitchens. Consult with a local concrete company in Western NY to find out how to transform your home with concrete countertops.
  • Concrete Easter eggs: Use plastic eggs as molds to create concrete easter eggs that will last a lifetime. Paint and decorate them to your liking, then use them as spring decorations or for Easter egg hunts. They won’t rot if you don’t find them, and they aren’t likely to break if you drop them.
  • Concrete tea light holders: Enjoy elegant candlelight with simple concrete tea light holders. Simple to make, you can paint them to provide colorful candle holders of various sizes and shades. For tapered candles instead of tea lights, simply make the opening smaller.
  • Concrete bookends: These are sure to keep your books in place and add some unique décor to your space. Use an empty cardboard milk or juice carton as the mold. Once dry, add some lace to complete your elegant bookends.

Get more ideas

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