Four Signs You Need a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are a typical residential project for concrete companies in Western New York. There are many reasons to install a retaining wall, including aesthetics and stability, but there are some situations where you genuinely need a retaining wall. Here are four signs that you need to reach out to a concrete contractor to install a retaining wall on your property:

  • Landscaping challenges: Sloped yards make landscaping difficult. Many homeowners use the slope for a lawn, only to find it is exhausting to mow that terrain. Rather than settle for bland landscaping and awful mowing routines, install a retaining wall. It can create a flat surface and a more comfortable space for planting. Or, you can install a series of walls and enjoy a new terraced garden. While these seem to be merely aesthetic, they also produce a manageable landscape that you can enjoy rather than suffer from every weekend.
  • Flooding: Your home’s location is often the deciding factor when it comes to building a retaining wall. If you live near water or receive all the runoff after a rainstorm, you will see all your gardens, landscaping and even paved surfaces wash away. You will know this factor applies to you if you notice runoff always flows towards your home or your yard contains deep puddles after any rain. A retaining wall fortifies your home against this onslaught of water. When built correctly, a retaining wall also diverts rainwater flow, so it does not accumulate in your yard. You can also benefit from a retaining wall if you live near a creek or pond and do not want it invading your landscaping if it overflows.
  • Erosion: Sloped yards are challenging on foundations. If soil erodes, your foundation is less protected, and you risk water damage and cracks. When you see erosion around your home, you need to act before putting your foundation at risk. A retaining wall keeps soil in place and also adds another layer of protection for your foundation. It is much more expensive to repair a foundation than to install a retaining wall, making this investment well worth it! There is also a peace of mind element here. If you see constant erosion, you can rest assured that your retaining wall will hold back any potential disasters.
  • Soil fault lines: Unfortunately, you cannot usually see soil fault lines, but if you hire a landscaping contractor, they will tell you if your home is downhill from them. Even if you do not see erosion now, soil fault lines will cause it to occur later. Since it can be expensive to restore your land and replant after significant erosion, it’s likely easier to install a retaining wall now. It will prevent future damage and save you money on land rehabilitation or foundation repair.

Bri-Mic Construction, Inc. is a concrete foundation company in Western New York. We pride ourselves on being a foundation contractor, but we build retaining walls for homeowners as well. Call us and schedule an estimate today to add more stability to your landscaping.