Backyard Remodel Ideas for Summer 2021

When you look out at your backyard, how do you feel? Do you see a sprawling expanse of lawn as more a chore than a point of pride? If you’re avoiding spending time in your backyard because you think there’s nothing to do out there, or because that plain old grass holds no visual appeal, don’t worry—you have options!

For starters, you can ditch the old-school backyard for something new and exciting, like a concrete patio. This exceptionally durable material is easy to take care of, comes in a huge variety of textures, sizes and colors and can be contoured to serve nearly any purpose. If you haven’t thought about a concrete makeover for your backyard, now is the time.

Here are some of the most appealing renovation ideas for your backyard, courtesy of the experts at one of the top concrete companies in Western NY.

Second living room

There’s no such thing as too much lounge space in your home. Make the most of all those gorgeous New York days and create a backyard sitting area. You can add some overstuffed furniture and some accent items to build the ideal reading space or visiting area.

Outdoor kitchen

Expand your culinary horizons to include a whole new assortment of dishes. When you have a concrete company build an outdoor kitchen at your home in Western NY, it’s about more than just having a nicer place to put your grill—it’s about having everything you need at your fingertips to create a meal your family will love.

Fire pit

Transform your backyard into a year-round hotspot with a fire pit and surrounding patio. Add some comfy waterproof chairs, and you’re all set! Just grab a warm drink and some snacks and get ready to spend your evenings staring into a mesmerizing fire with your friends and family.

Raised flower beds

If you suffer from reduced mobility but still love to garden, then consider transforming your backyard into a series of sleek, raised flower beds. You’ll still be able to cultivate a wide range of plants and herbs, only without the extra stress on your back and knees.

Aquatic area

A hot tub or pool serves as a fantastic addition to any backyard. Still, it’s most effective when accompanied by a beautiful concrete patio. If you want to take your pool area to the next level, make sure you think about a concrete surround that allows you to lounge and relax when you’re not busy enjoying the water.

It’s never too early to start

Just because snow is on the horizon doesn’t mean you can’t start turning your attention to the barbecues, parties and family gatherings of next summer with help from a concrete foundation company in Western NY like Bri-Mic Construction, Inc.

We have decades of experience providing our customers with a variety of concrete services, including foundation installation and repair, concrete patio installation, footing installs, retaining wall installation and repair and so much more.

When you enlist the help of Bri-Mic Construction, Inc., you can expect top-notch work and unparalleled customer service. Contact us today to find out more.