Five Things You Need to Know About Expanding Your Driveway

Widening your driveway is a fantastic way to increase your parking space without spending a fortune on expanding your garage. However, you can’t just hire a foundation company in Western NY and have them start working on your driveway—you’ll need to do a little preparation beforehand. Continue reading to learn everything you’ll want to consider before the first concrete is poured:

  • Check city regulations: Just like with most home improvement projects, you’ll need to ensure that the city will allow you to widen your driveway. Look into which permits are needed and how wide your driveway can be. Your HOA might also have regulations regarding driveways, so be sure to check those bylaws as well.
  • Reinforcement is key: The worst possible scenario with driveway expansion is when the new portion cracks away from the original driveway. This typically happens when there isn’t an expansion joint that allows the concrete to expand and contract with temperature fluctuation. Ensure your concrete contractor knows this and will reinforce the new driveway section.
  • You may need a lot of concrete: One of the biggest surprises for homeowners is finding out how much concrete they need to expand their driveway. In addition to supportive metal rebar below the new slab, a new section of driveway will require a lot of concrete to ensure it’s sturdy. For this reason, it’s never recommended that homeowners attempt this project themselves.
  • Consider the direction: Bushes, trees, retaining walls and other landscaping or hardscaping elements will affect which direction you widen your driveway. While removing any landscaping or hardscaping is possible, it will add to the total cost of the project. Your concrete contractor will be able to help guide your decision regarding which direction to expand.
  • Never go cheap: We understand that you don’t want to spend a fortune widening your driveway, but keep in mind that skimping on the project typically leads to poor results. Feel free to get estimates from multiple contractors, but we advise staying away from the obviously cut-rate concrete companies in Western NY.

Why hire Bri-Mic Construction, Inc.?

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The next time you need a foundation company in Western NY, look no further than Bri-Mic Construction, Inc. Whether you’re widening your driveway or building a new home, we’ve got the tools and expertise to ensure the job is completed on time and within your budget. Get in touch with us today to get your free and accurate estimate.